Sheriff Napoleon: No ICE Detainers at Wayne County Jail

Benny NapoleonWe are very happy to report that Wayne County Sheriff Napoleon has issued the following Directive for his Department concerning Immigration Detainers. The Sheriff’s Department will no longer respond to such detainers without a judicial warrant or written probable cause.

We would like to congratulate Sheriff Napoleon on his decision which we sincerely believe is in the best interest of the Common Good and that of the Dignity of the Family.

We also extend our thanks to all those individuals and groups who worked very hard together to help Sheriff Napoleon develop this Directive. They include the Immigration Legal Resource Center, the Michigan Immigrants Rights Center, the UAW, ACLU, LA SED, ACRL, SEIU, Michigan Muslim Community Council, and many others.

We would like to encourage all Law Enforcement Departments in the State of Michigan to adopt similar policies with respect to their dealings with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Doing so would be one important step in the direction of true “Justice” especially while Congress remains unwilling to grapple with Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Gladys Munoz, Fr. Wayne Dziekan and the rest of the Board of Directors of JPAC.

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