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Private Prisons Profit from 21st Century Letters

In Captive Audience: How Companies Make Millions Charging Prisoners to Send an Email, WIRED Magazine explores how private prisons profit from the simple act of communication with loved ones. ON THE SURFACE, e-messaging seems like an easy and efficient way for families to keep in touch—a quicker 21st century version of pen-and-paper mail. Companies like […]

Kalamazoo Won’t Detain for ICE

WMUK reports that Kalamazoo County Won’t Detain Immigrants for ICE, joining Ingham and Wayne counties in officially declining to detain undocumented immigrants on behalf of the federal government. On Wednesday, Kalamazoo county commissioners passed a resolution against the separation of immigrant families, and against putting county resources toward federal immigration policy enforcement. An amendment made […]

US Policy Driving Asylum Seekers

The article Women Migrants Are Fleeing Countries The U.S. Helped Decimate provides a much-needed look at how the violence driving people to seek shelter in the U.S. has its roots in American foreign policy. It says in part: Since the day Donald Trump began his run for the presidential office, he has promoted the idea […]

Lawsuit exposes detention conditions

In Lawsuit Says Migrants Subjected To Dirty Detention Facilities, Bad Food And Water, NPR reports: Migrants detained in recent months at the U.S.-Mexico border describe being held in Customs and Border Protection facilities that are unsanitary and overcrowded, receiving largely inedible food and being forced to drink foul-smelling drinking water. Documents filed Monday in U.S. […]

UNACCOMPANIED: Alone in America

UNACCOMPANIED: Alone in America shows the incredible obstacles young unaccompanied children face when they appear alone, without a lawyer, in immigration proceedings. UNACCOMPANIED: Alone in America from Linda Freedman on Vimeo.

3 Charts that Show What’s Going on at the Southern Border

NPR offers 3 Charts That Show What’s Actually Happening Along The Southern Border: The total number of people apprehended for illegally crossing the southern U.S. border has been steadily falling for almost two decades. It’s a long-term trend that sociologists, economists and federal officials have been tracking for years. The trend apparently at odds with statements […]

Migrant Shelters a “Billion Dollar Business”

The New York Times feature The Billion-Dollar Business of Operating Shelters for Migrant Children explores The business of housing, transporting and watching over migrant children detained along the southwest border is not a multimillion-dollar business. It’s a billion-dollar one. The nonprofit Southwest Key Programs has won at least $955 million in federal contracts since 2015 to […]

ICE Grabbing Legal Immigrants too

In the feature It’s not just criminals — ICE is nabbing lawful permanent residents too, the Los Angeles Times looks at how legal immigrants are being swept up in the Trump administration’s anti-immigration furor: In 2001, Jose Luis Garcia was convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. Whatever tumult it caused within his family, the […]

Movement to Abolish ICE picking up steam

CNN reports that The movement to ‘Abolish ICE’ is heating up — and going mainstream: Calls to eliminate the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, for years relegated to the far-left corners of progressive activism, have been thrust this week into the mainstream of Democratic politics. Cracks in the dam became visible 10 days ago, when […]

Wayne County Sheriff Napoleon not honoring ICE Requests

The Detroit Free Press reports that: Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon is making it clear the county will not honor requests made by federal immigration officials to hold some immigrant inmates past their release date. The move has upset officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who sometimes will ask county jails to hold […]